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SEA LIFE London Aquarium

The SEA LIFE London Aquarium, situated on the South Bank of the Thames, has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1997. Initially known as the London Aquarium, it rebranded in 2008 as part of the SEA LIFE global network. Offering immersive experiences, it showcases over 600 species across 14 themed zones, educating visitors about marine life conservation.

Exploring SEA LIFE London Aquarium via Pick Drop UK:

Exploring SEA LIFE London Aquarium via Pick Drop UK:

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Tickets & Prices:


Discover affordable ticket options for SEA LIFE London Aquarium, catering to diverse budgets and preferences. From standard admission to exclusive packages offering behind-the-scenes tours, there’s something for everyone. Benefit from discounted rates for children, seniors, and group bookings, making it accessible for all to explore the wonders of marine life. Enjoy with best transport services provided by Pick Drop UK.

Plan your visit:

Maximize your experience at SEA LIFE London Aquarium with expert tips for planning your visit. Consider peak times and special events, pre-booking tickets online for added convenience. Explore nearby attractions and dining options to complement your aquarium adventure, ensuring a well-rounded day out for the whole family.

What’s Inside Aquarium:

What's Inside Aquarium:

Dive into a world of aquatic wonders as you explore the captivating exhibits inside SEA LIFE London Aquarium. From vibrant coral reefs to mesmerizing jellyfish displays, each zone offers a unique glimpse into marine ecosystems. Engage with interactive displays, educational talks, and feeding sessions, providing insight into the fascinating lives of underwater creatures.

Multi-attraction Tickets SEA LIFE London Aquarium:

Unlock incredible value with multi-attraction tickets, combining entry to SEA LIFE London Aquarium with other top London attractions. Embark on a journey of discovery as you explore renowned landmarks and entertainment venues, all conveniently bundled into one cost-effective package.



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