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St. Paul’s Cathedral Travel with Pickdrop Service

Saint Paul’s Cathedral, situated in London, serves as the principal cathedral for the Anglican bishopric. Positioned within the heart of the City of London, atop Ludgate Hill, and to the northeast of Blackfriars, it holds a significant historical and religious presence.

St. Paul’s iconic

While the site may have once been occupied by a Roman temple dedicated to Diana, the first Christian cathedral was established there in AD 604, under the reign of King Aethelberht I, and was dedicated to St. Paul. Unfortunately, this initial cathedral succumbed to fire. Subsequently, a replacement was constructed between 675 and 685, only to be ravaged by Viking raiders in 962. Undeterred, a third cathedral was raised on the same site in 1087, but it too fell victim to fire.

St. Paul’s iconic dome

St. Paul’s iconic dome, a prominent feature of the London skyline, consists of three layers: an outer dome, a hidden brick cone for structural reinforcement, and an inner dome. Crowned by a cross, the outer dome rises to approximately 366 feet (112 meters) above ground level (about 356 feet [109 meters] above the cathedral’s main floor). Below the cross, there lies an 850-ton lantern section and the outer dome, both encased in lead, which is supported by the brick cone. Situated at the top of the lantern, known as the apex of the outer dome, is the renowned Golden Gallery, offering sweeping views of London from a height of about 530 steps (approximately 280 feet [85 meters]) above the ground.

frescoes and grisaille decorating the inner dome

Further down, just beneath the brick cone, is the Stone Gallery, another popular vantage point. Within the cathedral, the inner dome is visible, characterized by its masonry shell with a diameter of 101 feet (31 meters). The frescoes and grisaille decorating the inner dome are best observed from the Whispering Gallery, situated 99 feet (30 meters) above the cathedral floor. The weight and thrust of the upper dome section are supported by buttresses and columns forming a peristyle; below these, near the level of the Whispering Gallery, lies a ring of 32 buttresses concealed from ground view. Eight substantial piers connect the buttresses of the dome area to the cathedral floor, providing essential structural support.

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Q: Does Pickdrop offer private tours of St. Paul’s Cathedral?
A: Yes, Pickdrop provides personalized tours of St. Paul’s Cathedral, allowing you to tailor your experience according to your preferences and interests.

Q: Are Pickdrop’s vehicles wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, Pickdrop ensures accessibility for all passengers, including those with mobility needs, with its wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

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Absolutely! Pickdrop prides itself on punctuality and reliability, ensuring that you reach St. Paul’s Cathedral on time and in comfort.